Telescopic Reel System

The domestic Slidelock telescopic reel system is widely considered to be the best domestic reel on the market, thanks to its ease of installation and great strength.


- Manufactured in anodised aluminium tube, it has mirror polished stainless steel end stands, plastic bearings and steering wheels with stainless steel axle crank handles.

- The reels can be supplied with arange of different end stands at no extra cost.

- The standard reel comes in two sizes of box: the first of which contains the telescopic tube available in two sizes - the small tube which telescopes from 3.05m to 4.57m

(10' to 15') pool size and the large, extending from 4.88m to 6.4m (16' to 21') pool size. The tube diameter is approx. 99mm (3 7/8-). The small tube box measures

240mm x130mm x 2560mm long and weighs 10kg whilst the large tube box measures 240mm x 130mm x 3050mm and weighs 15kg. Both small and large come with a second box containing the required end stands together with steering wheels and end bosses, measuring 520mm x 565mm x 450mm and weighing 15kg.

- Please allow a maximum 1- overlap each side (minimum 6-). The maximum recommended area of material on either size reel is 75 sq m (800 sq ft). Extra care should be taken when installing reels for covers over 19' wide.



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